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When "Self" is no longer a Priority

A lot of people are driving people around, picking them up, dropping them off, making sure they get to their destination safely. Sometimes picking up several people at once, taking several detours. The only problem is that we tend to not look at the wear and tear. if we aren't careful we will break down or run out of gas. We must take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. Don't neglect yourself.

So what does self care look like?

Good Boundaries is a start in the process of self care. It's ok to say " No" and letting your "no's" be no's. When we constantly say yes to everyone out a since of guilt or irrational obligation eventually as you become tired it can lead to resentment. We have to have limits or else people will keep asking and doing whatever they want. We teach people how to treat us. Keep this in mind next time you say to yourself, "Why does everyone always come to me? Don't they see I'm tired or struggling?" Know your limits, communicate your limits and stick to them.

Making yourself a Priority is another way for self care. I hear people say often, "I don't have time to take care of myself." The truth is you have time you just don't make yourself a priority. You put everything in your life ahead of yourself. Sometimes we are taught that this is acceptable, and even noble to sacrifice ourselves and our needs. However, over time, while you are sacrificing yourself the other things that you were putting before yourself start to fall apart. You start to not be at your peak performance. You also start to teach other people you aren't a priority and sometimes even them taking care of themselves shouldn't be a priority either. It becomes a difficult cycle. I'm not saying be totally self absorbed but don't forget to do the things you like to do, follow the goals you set up for yourself, and allow yourself free time.

So once you've set you boundaries and limits with others and made a plan to make yourself a priority don't talk yourself out of it. Get out you head! Positive self talk is important. "You deserve to care for yourself," "You are important," "Self care isn't being selfish," and "There is no time like the present to care of you". Find other positive phrases or quotes to keep you motived, write them down, memorize them, and use them daily. Treat yourself like someone you truly love.

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